The contemporary design and unique build of GigLoo products has evolved from many years of experience gained revolutionising the Fire Engine Industry.

We strive to engage with our customers through active market research. We then put this feedback into production, making GigLoo a true customer-led innovator.


Following a consultative process with you to determine the required specification of your bespoke unit we create 3D concept models and 2D concept drawings for your approval. Once you are happy our experienced Design Engineers craft the entire build from the Copolymer body right down to the plumbing using the latest Solidworks 3D CAD software. The units are built and certified to the latest electrical regulations (BS 7671) as well as Gas Safe certified and the trailer DVSA IVA approved where applicable.


GigLoo makes the most cost-effective toilets and showers available.

In the events industry, we are the market leader selling more than any other company.

What more can we say – other than, why not call us today?!

luxury mobile toilet and shower sales

From concept to design through to build, GigLoo offer a product which is not only cutting edge in design and built to last. We are also confident our units will give your customers their best outdoor bathroom experience.

Our units more than earn their keep, year after year.

Why else would we offer a 10year Body Warranty on all New units?!

Can’t find the Product you are looking for?

GigLoo Design Engineers are always looking for a new challenge, we offer a bespoke design and build service to your precise specifications.

Whether your desire is one of our standard builds for your own hire fleet or your vision is a co-polymer bathroom complex in a pod form – we are here to realise your sanitation aspirations! Our designers and engineers work hand in hand to ensure each build is as functional as it is beautiful! 

So, what are you waiting for – make their day and get those unique requests rolling in and contact us today!

GigLoo Toilets

  • Unique 10 year Body Warranty

  • One Piece Copolymer Body

  • Walls and Floors that NEVER rot

  • No stubborn smells 

  • VOSA Type Approved 

No excuses – Get those hands in the air and get a GigLoo!

Toilet sales

GigLoo Showers

Impervious to water – inside and out
Designed on CAD for precision
Easy to Clean – super-fast turnaround on site
Zero Maintenance, does not delaminate or crack
100% recycleable
No excuses – Get a Gigloo and get selfie ready!
Shower sales

Our Clients

It’s easy to see how the PolyBilt material will give the end user the hygiene they ask for and the construction will provide a long life and reduced downtime for our business demands.- Jonathan Worsfold – MANAGING DIRECTOR, FOUR JAYS GROUP
It's a no brainer, it's the way forward for the outdoors events industry. We all want to provide clean & hygienic facilities at an affordable price and those products give you it all-
Buying from GigLoo means that I can now spend my time and money that I used to repair GRP units on marketing my company and what a difference it has made. The customers just love the GigLoo units.-
Built for a long operational life, GigLoo quality and durability and easy-clean design gives the hire industry the cost effective and maintenance free option they desire.-
Not all innovations are as good as they should be but sometimes a new product comes along that simply blows the current products away! GigLoo is one of those products using a unique co-polymer material setting new standards for exceptionally strong, lightweight, easy to clean body structures.-

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