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Honey wagons designed with you in mind

Our honey wagons are like nothing else on the market. Their unique copolymer design makes them high quality, light weight, and reliable. Our designs are created with you in mind, and are brought to life in our Sussex factory. Our added features make us stand out from the crowd, yet their reliability allows you to forget about toilets and focus on your filming. With capacities from 150 – 1000 people over an eight-hour period, we really have a unit for every size shoot.

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Environmentally Friendly –

100% recyclable bodies on our honey wagons and showers!

We design and build all our units here in West Sussex. Our unique co-polymer material will last for over 30 years, and we are the only company to manufacture units that are 100% recyclable. At the end of a unit’s life, the body of our trailers are reused for other plastic products.

We work hard so you work less

Our mission is to let you focus on the filming whilst we sort the toilets and showers. We pride ourselves on delivering an efficient and effective service like no one else. We will arrive when and where you want us, and our excellent engineers and cleaning teams will ensure your unit stays up and running, gully sucked, and squeaky clean.

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It’s easy to see how the PolyBilt material will give the end user the hygiene they ask for and the construction will provide a long life and reduced downtime for our business demands.- Jonathan Worsfold – MANAGING DIRECTOR, FOUR JAYS GROUP
It's a no brainer, it's the way forward for the outdoors events industry. We all want to provide clean & hygienic facilities at an affordable price and those products give you it all-
Buying from GigLoo means that I can now spend my time and money that I used to repair GRP units on marketing my company and what a difference it has made. The customers just love the GigLoo units.-
Built for a long operational life, GigLoo quality and durability and easy-clean design gives the hire industry the cost effective and maintenance free option they desire.-
Not all innovations are as good as they should be but sometimes a new product comes along that simply blows the current products away! GigLoo is one of those products using a unique co-polymer material setting new standards for exceptionally strong, lightweight, easy to clean body structures.-
The guys who set up the loos were great! 5 Stars! Really good communication from head office. The guys who delivered and collected the loos were great and had a brilliant sense of humour and even spent time looking for a mobile phone that was suspected to have been dropped in one of the loos!! We would definitely book them again!-

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