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4th April 2019

New Build off of the Production Line 

The inaugural unveiling of the first GL21 off of the production line at our East Sussex depot! We are #goodtogo here in Sussex so make haste and get your 2020 new build orders in now! Good luck with your purchase Loos For Hire, we wish you all the very best for the 2019 season and beyond!


12th March 2019

We only went and won!

The whole team here at GigLoo are so very proud to accept the Infrastructure Award for our innovative  Easy Access Pods at the Outstanding Attitude Awards hosted by this formidable and awesome charitable organisation founded by the amazing Suzanne Bull. We are Honoured to be part of the amazing ” Attitude is Everything” movement gathering the momentum it deserves for creating a real organisational culture change  in the music industry. We are  now even more determined to forge forward and broaden this outlook  and raise the expectation in the whole out door events and venues sectors.  Exciting times ahead !

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